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 We are an exclusive group between ages 21 and 45 in Chicago.  We are Professionals, International Chinese, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Small Business Founders, Expatriates, and Degree-seeking students.                                           

We create new opportunities for you to grow your professional network, promoter of local businesses and a balanced lifestyle.

Our Groups are Asian Professionals Connect (Asian descent), Young Professionals Connect (International American of all descent), International Connect (Resident of Hong Kong, China).  Each category resonates with members from similar background and culture.    Join the group of interest and relevance and enjoy the events we offer.

 ** We also have social mixer where we have all our groups together and guests to join and get to meet and connect with each other.

Tour our group site and join our membership.  Explore events such as - Style with Success, Taskforce workshops Team-building activities, Asian Pros Philanthropy, social gathering and partner events.

If you are looking to expand your connections, grow your business, and would like to network with like-minded professionals, become our sponsors and partner members.


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